Via the advocacy for an open Wikiworx Academy, Wikinetix aims to be a catalyst in a society that:

  • seeks improved utilization of knowledge and the mobile web to achieve sustainable growth and inclusive development, for instance in the context of the #2030Agenda;
  • uses social media to listen and respond to all voices.

While a company must be sustainable itself to fulfil its mission, Wikinetix does not seek excessive centralisation of resources, nor the creation of price barriers for smallholders. Moreover, it seeks social media business models that distribute wealth and control over resources, rather than create "extreme wealth", or centralise the control over resources.

The Wikiworx Academy growth model pursues accelerated and sustainable growth via the collaborative deployment of systematized content commons at a massive scale.

In market and non-market interactions, it advocates the coexistence of proprietary knowledge alongside content commons
(see Knowledge Conversion).

Via the Convention on Knowledge Commons both private and public sector partners are explicitly encouraged to elaborate and commercially offer to specialized markets, proprietary intellectual products that extend collaboratively maintained systematized content commons.

In the media