Franke and Guidero [1] cite Blackwell et al. (2002) for the definition of a partnership as “a process through which primary stakeholders influence and share control of their development initiatives, decisions, and resources” and Unwin (2005) for the seven elements that characterize an effective partnership: Trust; Clear focus; Enthusiastic leadership; Sustainability; Balance between supply and demand; Communication; and Transparency and sound ethical practices.

They further point at four mechanisms for transparency1 and accountability2 that must be built into every stage of stakeholder engagement:

  • providing information on what they are doing where and how and how they are performing;
  • participation;
  • evaluation;
  • complaint and response mechanisms.

1. Franke, V., Guidero, A.: Engaging local stakeholders: A conceptual model for effective Donor-Community collaboration - literature review and concept paper. Tech. rep., Institute for Homeland Security Solutions. ( Aug. 2012, url).


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