Common models

The private-public engagement model

The private-public engagement model for content commons targets a growing public-private value constellation ensuring the global to local provision of high-quality systematized content commons that are relevant to sustainable development.

Any actor, especially any institutional actor, is encouraged to publish — at authentic pages — the systematized content commons related to its activities, resources, claims and initiatives, and to build upon and cross-link the systematized content commons overseen by their peers1.

All stakeholders are encouraged to co-draft and eventually sign up to the Convention on Knowledge Commons.

Tentative and Authentic Pages

The notion of a tentative page facilitates a path-finding role for unsollicited civic effort in improving communication of public sector information, coherence and transparency.
Tentative pages are created by private initiative, prior to the engagement of governmental and intergovernmental agencies (public initiative). Both can strengthen one another on the pathway to sustainable growth.

Handover succeeding civic initiative

Where important governmental actors may not sign up to the convention for some time, the convention encourages unsollicited civic initiative to administer tentative pages "on behalf of the unwilling public agency," for instance AG.

The tentative pages help paving the way for the rapid growth of the content commons and the supporting methodology by key stakeholders. As long as AG does not take ownership, peer review and team work can ensure the sufficient quality and correctness of the tentative page content.

At the time that AG assumes ownership of the tentative pages within its legal mandate, the tentative pages are handed over and after review, they become authentic pages.

A page hand-over mechanism builds upon functions provided by the wiki-farm.


The path from tentative to authentic pages leverages the path-finding role that unsollicited civic effort, for which provides a channel, plays in improving communication, coherence and transparency. Civic effort levels the road for the engagement of governmental and intergovernmental agencies.