The content that will be consulted and produced as local governments, companies and individuals align their strategies as well as measure and manage their contribution to the realization the sustainable development goals (SDGs) must have several qualities: * it must be fit for use, even by poor stakeholders,

  • it must encourage content re-use,
  • it must support improved knowledge conversions, and
  • it must overcome hurdles to transparency.

Tactics for giving such content the desirable properties "consultation, feedback, reference, and reuse" include:

  • making "deliverable and report" content more discoverable by suitably tagging it with the tags defined in the pivotal Actor Atlas page and other #tag guidelines;
  • and, when content becomes substantial, to curate it as more durable wikis, typically with one page per defined hashtag.

As many of the deliverables listed here are typically work products in the partnership recruitment, these deliverables will be constrained or altered to reflect insights from:

The log maintained for each asset will further document the rationale for their contents and structure.

As yet, the list of deliverables, and each deliverable is under construction. Browse the proposed deliverables and phase descriptions for getting a flavour of the approach, and pls. comment and help if it can accelerate the glocal partnering!