1- Purpose

Before embarking upon a detailed Partnership Definition, it is valuable to understand the baseline and target capability level of the members of the partnership. This Capability Assessment can be examined on several levels:

  • What is the capability level of the partnership as a whole? Where does the partnership wish to increase or optimize capability? What are the service focus areas that will support the desired development of the partnership?
  • What is the capability or maturity level for the relevant services within each partner? What are the likely implications of partnership onboarding in terms of governance, operations, al skills, and organization structure for each partner, and for the partnership as a whole? What is an appropriate style, level of formality, and amount of detail for the partnership definition to fit with the culture and capability of the various (kinds of) partners?
  • What is the capability and maturity of the architecture function within the partnership and within the various partners? What architectural and partnering assets are currently in existence? Are they maintained and accurate? What standards and reference models need to be considered? Are there likely to be opportunities to create re-usable assets within the partnership project?
  • Where capability gaps exist, to what extent are partners ready to transform in order to reach the target capability? What are the risks to transformation, cultural barriers, and other considerations to be addressed beyond the basic capability gap?

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