1. Monitoring: Ensure the continuing function that uses systematic collection of data on specified indicators (those in the Performance Targets) from the Partner Work System to provide management and the main stakeholders with indications of the extent of performance or progress and achievement of objectives.
  2. Evaluation: ensure the process of determining the worth or significance of a development activity, policy or program ….. to determine the relevance of change objectives, the efficacy of design and implementation (fit of the therapeutic hypothesis and the aligned Change plan), the efficiency or resource use, and the sustainability of results. An evaluation should (enable) the incorporation of lessons learned into decision-context (adjusting diagnostic and therapeutic hypothesis, adjusting the plan) involving all stakeholders.

In the context of UNFCCC the focus is on Monitoring, Reporting and Verification capability, or #MRV.

In a global partnership there is need for a public-private Monitoring, Reporting and Verification capability or #PPMRV in which data is a key ingredient.

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