Wikinetix Privacy Policy

Wikinetix is committed to protecting the privacy of its website visitors and its relations. In this policy "We" refers to Wikinetix staff. As to your name, email address, postal address, and other personal information, and the information described below, we will not give, sell, rent, or exchange the information with anyone else without your prior consent, except as compelled by law.

Website Privacy Policy

We, and Wikidot, the company hosting this website care about the privacy of our users. If you use this website which is hosted by Wikidot you must accept the way Wikidot handles personal information as described at Wikidot Privacy Policy. We may use this information collected by Wikidot to measure the number of visitors to different sections of the site, to diagnose and correct system errors, and to improve the site. We do not connect this information to your name or identity.