0. Introducing the Step

The report of the High Level Panel describes the new global partnership and identifies several actors on page 10: A new global partnership should engage national governments of all countries, local authorities, international organisations, businesses, civil society, foundations and other philanthropists, and people – all sitting at the table to go beyond aid to discuss a truly international framework of policies to achieve sustainable development. It should move beyond the MDGs’ orientation of state-to-state partnerships between high-income and low-income governments to be inclusive of more players.

For this step, the partners are divided as follows:
Class of partners Partners in this class Ref.
Core partners The United Nations, National governments, local authorities, International institutions, large firms Group A
Soft partners Small- and medium-sized firms, Citizens Group B
Extended partners Civil society organisations, Philanthropists, Social impact investors, Scientists and academics Group C
Communities involved Meso Roles, e.g. those listed in the Actor Atlas Meso roles list Group D