0. Introducing the Step

The partnership principles should be aligned with the development principles such as the Rio Principles and the 8 Istanbul CSO Development Effectiveness Principles.

The Global Resource Book of the Actor Atlas lists some more relevant principles.

In the context of the open government movement and the reduction of administrative burden several architecture principles have been put forward.

The principles in the G8 Open Data Charter that was approved at the Lough Erne 2013 Summit could be a starting point1.

For this step, the partners are divided as follows:
Class of partners Partners in this class Ref.
Core partners The United Nations, National governments, local authorities, International institutions, large firms Group A
Soft partners Small- and medium-sized firms, Citizens
Extended partners Civil society organisations, Philanthropists, Social impact investors, Scientists and academics
Communities involved Meso Roles, e.g. those listed in the Actor Atlas Meso roles list